Spying – You could be a Victim and Not Even Know It!

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Spying – You could be a Victim and Not Even Know It!

Most of us have watched those creepy movies where some serial killer or pervert is spying on an unsuspecting woman in her home; watching or listening to her every move, even taking pictures, and then threatening to expose her private details unless she does what they want.

Now consider the possibility that this could be happening to you; right now, as you read this article.

Are you and your Family being Spied on Right Now?

Recent reports have revealed frightening stories from people (most often women) who have undergone precisely this scenario. Many young girls have been humiliated to find out someone has been making videos of them in compromising situations without them knowing and even uploading these videos to pornography websites. How? Via their laptop webcams.

Very few of us would suspect that our laptops, which we use daily and know everything about, could actually be used to spy on us. However, new hacking techniques are making this possible for malicious hackers who are either trying to fulfill their perverse fantasies or extort money from their unsuspecting victims.

How do Hackers gain Access to your Laptop?

Unfortunately, the internet is full of websites that provide step by step instructions on how to gain access to someone’s laptop. The hacker just has to download a software package and install it on their machine and then send an email out to their victim. As soon as the victim opens the email, a virus or spy software is automatically installed on their laptop which gives the hacker complete control over their keyboard, files, and even their camera.

So even when you’re not using your camera, such a hacker could be using it to spy on you and even make videos of you while you are completely unaware.

How do I Secure Myself and My Loved Ones?

One thing you can do is to make sure you are using reliable antivirus software which prevents such viruses or spy software from installing themselves or accessing your machine. You can also consult a network security expert on how to secure your home or company from malicious hackers (contact IT Corp today for more information).

Another very practical solution is this: whenever you’re not using your webcam, take a post-it note and stick it over your camera. Even if someone gains access to your camera, this will prevent them from seeing a thing!

Stay safe!


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