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5 Common Smartphone Security Slip-ups We All Make

These days, with the tremendous proliferation of tech products – and their Chinese replicas – almost everyone has a mobile phone; and a very large population also enjoys using smartphones.

This is really a great boon to humanity as it allows people from across the globe to stay informed and in touch with their loved ones, colleagues and customers from across the world.

At the same time, using a smartphone also presents some potentially lethal security risks for companies if these devices are not handled with care. In this article, we’ll present five security blunders people tend to make with their smartphones.

Forgetting to Lock the Phone

Whether you use the new 5S’s fingerprint scanner, or just a password, you need to make sure your device is locked when you’re not using it. Your smartphone lock is your first line of defense against data theft and corruption. It can also give authorities enough time to locate your phone in case of theft before your data is compromised.

Storing Sensitive Info on an Unauthorized Device

If your company has a BYOD policy, then it’s not a big deal if you store company data on your own mobile. Chances are your company has proper policies in place to protect that data. However, if there is not BYOD policy in place, you are committing a grievous sin and risking company security by keeping sensitive information on your own device. Don’t do this!

Not Updating your Apps

Many apps are released with security flaws and vulnerabilities which are often only discovered later by the developers. Later versions of these apps provide patches for these flaws. This means that you need to ensure that you always keep your smartphone apps up to date in order to prevent your phone from becoming a potential security hazard for your company.

Using Unsecure Wi-Fi

All of us love to remain in touch and online when we’re out and about; especially when we’re visiting the mall or sipping coffee at a restaurant. However, open or unprotected networks can be extremely risky business and can expose your smartphone to malicious hackers. Imagine if your phone is carrying sensitive company data! If you must use open networks, make sure the network has WPA2 encryption.

Ignoring Company Social Media Policies

In this day and age, when most companies have a presence on social media platforms, they also have strict policies on what sort of information may and may NOT be shared on such platforms. Make sure you know what your company’s social media policies are when talking about work on your favorite social network. You would be surprised about how seemingly harmless comments – e.g. how your fellow employee just got fired – can be used against your company!

So, did you find this article helpful? Do you think we left any important security slip up out? Tell us in

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