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Welcome to Risk Protection Group.

Risk Protection Group is an Australian based, specialist provider of risk management and security services; operating domestically and internationally. In addition to conventional security and guarding roles, we offer our clients a broad range of services; well beyond the scope of conventional security companies. These include, but are not limited to; risk management consultancy, crisis and emergency management, corporate and VIP protective services, counterterrorist consultancy, and explosives detection capability.

We provide guards and mobile patrols in diverse locations; from shopping centres, to critical government infrastructure.

In addition to the supply of highly trained specialist personnel, we also offer an extensive range of security related services, including; alarms/electronic security, CCTV, access control, security fencing, gates, locksmithing, lighting, etc. We specialise in the protection of critical infrastructure and ‘at risk’ sites that range in scale from one man Gatehouse posts, to major corporate clients with diverse and broad ranging requirements.

Through our commitment to effective management, ongoing staff development and transparency with our clients; we maintain uncompromising standards and achieve excellent results.

As a medium-sized company, we offer our clients security and resources, whilst maintaining the personal touch. Our management team, from the Managing Director down, are an active part of the day to day operation. Our team has been sourced from military, law enforcement and the private sector, to ensure our clients get a highly professional service, while maintaining cost efficiency.

Risk Protection Group is an ISO 9001 quality assurance certified organisation.

“If we can’t offer you a better quality service and/or a better price,  then we wouldn’t expect your business.” Managing Director – Boyd Hooper

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