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Data and Network Solutions Redefined 

As a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for enterprise and carrier customers, Pacnet owns and manages the longest privately-owned subsea cable network — measuring up to 46,000 km — in the Asia-Pacific region with more than 110 Points of Presence (PoPs) around the world.

Alongside its well-established relationships with a number of hard-to-reach national governments like China and India, Pacnet’s extensive reach and expertise are unique in the market to truly deliver high-performance and end-to-end technology solutions to its roster of carrier or enterprise customers globally.

Pacnet is more than a telecommunications and Internet provider: it is a business communications enabler allowing you to bridge national, cultural and technological barriers to reach places you have never before imagined.

So in a world where speed, reliability, resilience and capacity are everything: Pacnet is the ideal partner whether you’re looking to adapt your business into the virtual world, expand your global, regional or local reach, or speed up your time to market.


Headquartered in Hong Kong and Singapore, Pacnet operates across 25 offices in 11 countries including Australia, China, India,  Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines,  Taiwan, Thailand and The United States.

Why Pacnet

Pacnet is more than just a network provider. We are an enabler to content and cloud providers, service providers, carriers and large enterprises – including Fortune 500 companies – who want to remain agile, competitive and productive.  With our incomparable network and data center assets, regional experience and innovative platforms, we can help you grow and profit in the Digital Era. At Pacnet, we don’t just connect sites, we connect possibilities.  We don’t just transport data, we transform businesses.  We don’t just build facilities, we help you develop and refine your competitive advantages.

Unparalleled Reach

As the owner of the most extensive privately-owned subsea cable network in Asia-Pacific, Pacnet offers more than 46,000 km of fiber. We own and manage an interconnected data center network with 19 facilities across the region and over 110 Points of Presence (PoPs) throughout Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Europe.  Pacnet’s unparalleled reach allows you to build, maintain and expand your presence around the world.

Groundbreaking Innovations

The first operator to provide 100G connection across Asia and into the United States, Pacnet helps you move large volumes of data across multiple countries, while maintaining the service level you desire. Through our award-winning Pacnet Enabled Network (PEN), we pioneered the delivery of an SDN- and NFV-based platform that allows you to order bandwidth and other network resources on demand.  We virtualize our network and build ones that are easier and more cost-effective for you to manage.

Full Network Control

Pacnet empowers you to control how you consume and distribute resources across your own network using our web-based portal, or an Application Programming Interface (API).  This allows you to customize and configure dynamically, based on your unique performance and quality of service preferences.  You can also extend your network to external cloud vendors or build a hybrid cloud environment, enabling you to leverage both the flexibility of public cloud and security of private networks.

Interconnected Data Center Infrastructure

Pacnet doesn’t just build data centers, we connect them.  By linking facilities in 15 cities and 10 countries, we are able to provide one set of services and deliver consistent service experience across all our facilities.  We just don’t host your mission-critical data, we provide you a variety of ways to transport and share them via Pacnet’s connectivity service.  We don’t just take care of your critical IT equipment, we help you optimize its efficiency and lifecycle by adhering to global standards in data center design, construction and operation.

Your Ideal Partner in China

As the first and only foreign company licensed to provide IP VPN and data center services in over 23 cities in China, Pacnet enables you to expand your business in the mainland easily, efficiently, and effortlessly.  Our local offices ensure you receive the same quality of service and support in the China as you would do globally.

Customer Service Excellence

Pacnet is committed to customer service excellence.  Our 24×7 global support team understands the local business requirements, speaks the local language and is on the ground to help you when needed.  Everyone, from the customer services staff that picks up your call to the engineer we send to help you on site, is focused on one goal – to resolve issues the fastest way possible and with minimal impact to your business.




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