Google+, Heading to the Grave?

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Google+, Heading to the Grave?

Google’s social media plans are heading towards disaster as news has it that the executive who was in charge of Google+, Vic Gundotra, has announced that he will be leaving the company.

Further, inside sources say that plans have already been penned to convert Google+ to a platform as compared to its previous objective of becoming Facebook’s competitor in the social media realm.

Shifting Strategy

Although apparently this seems like bad news for Google, but it might not be all that bad if Google+ is undergoing a major strategy shift. We say this because it has always been evident that Google+ never really took off as it was supposed to; maybe conflicting strategies were to blame or too many needless features.

Today, social media is trending towards unbundling, where people fulfill their social needs not by going to a single site but instead use different apps or sites to that specialize in the required service.

Google+ on the other hand till recently was working towards becoming a one stop shop for communication, events, photos and local happenings. The issue here is that Google already offers these services via Gmail, Calendar, YouTube and Maps.

What Google should have done was to enhance these services using its social circles but alas it did not.

Compare this to Facebook’s strategy and you will see a world of a difference. This is reflected in Facebook’s purchase of Instagram and recently WhatsApp. Facebook realized that it can’t keep users on its site for these services so why not buy popular single-use tools that people are addicted to.

Unwinding Google+

The sentiment going around is that the time is ripe for Google to rethink its strategy for Google+. Signs are already surfacing that indicate Google+ is being unwound, e.g. Google recently allowed Gmail users to share photos automatically backed up from their phones. This feature will actually free pictures from Google+.

This Gmail feature could do more for photo sharing through Google’s platform than Google+ ever did. Google could also soon discontinue forcing all its new products to have social integration to Google+.

Since its inception, Google+ has failed in achieving its goals and has now become a monster that needs to be laid to rest. It might sound bad but I believe it is for its own good.


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