How to Maximize Sales on your E-Commerce Website

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How to Maximize Sales on your E-Commerce Website

More and more shoppers are eschewing driving to the mall and making a purchase and instead are opting for online shopping due to its convenience. However, even today, the number of people who actually make a purchase online is relatively low; about 4.5% as of the writing of this article. At the same time, some e-commerce websites are managing to convert over 15% of their visitors. Why? What are these companies doing that the others don’t know?


In this article we will explore some critical features that a good e-commerce website must have in order to maximize their chances of converting customers.

3 Critical Features a Good E-commerce Site Must Have

Online shopping consists of 3 basic steps:

1. Finding the product

2. Viewing the product and it’s details

3. Checking out

If there is any lacking in any of the above three features, your sales are going to suffer. Let’s take a look at each step in detail:

Finding the Product

Do you know what the number 1 reason for a shopper NOT purchasing is? Not being able to find their desired product!!

In order to maximize your chances of making a sale, you not only must have the products your customers want, but also need to make sure they find their products! You must have some of the


Search Bar – You need to have a great search bar in place which is clearly visible everywhere on your site, ideally the top right of your website. Some additional features which will make the search experience better for your customer could include auto-complete; i.e. the search bar should offer suggestions as your customer is typing.

Hot Products – You should display your hot products or most popular products clearly on the homepage and everywhere else as these are more likely to be bought. Make sure you take great pictures of your product because bad, drab, dull photography will likely kill the shoppers’ experience.

Return Policies – Some first time shoppers are very nervous about buying online as they don’t know who you are and don’t want to get shafted with a bad deal. Make sure your return policy is clearly visible for all such shoppers in order to give them some level of comfort.

Displaying the Product

Once your shopper has found the product they want, the next thing is to provide them all the information they are looking for, including:

Pictures from all angles – Show them what the product looks like from every angle. Does it come in multiple colors and sizes? Make that very obvious…

Reviews – Shoppers love to hear from their fellow shoppers, it gives them comfort. So make sure you have a place for customer reviews on that product.

Price – Make sure you clearly highlight the price as well as any deals that are currently on. Is there a discount on the product? Make sure you mention the original price (crossed out) and the new price to sweeten the deal.

Related Products – When your customer has decided to buy, this is the perfect opportunity to offer them related products or product accessories that they could be interested in. Make sure and display these on the product page.

Check Out

Your customer is finally ready to make their purchase… you don’t want to lose them now. Here are some must-have features for your check out procedure:

One-Page (No Longer) – Shoppers hate filling out long forms! Make sure you require the shopper to fill out as little info as possible.

Instant Chat – A recent study found that almost 76% of shoppers would like to speak to a customer service rep at checkout time. Make sure to provide your customers with an option for instant chat.

Allow guest shopping – Requiring shoppers to register on your site before making a purchase can reduce your sales by almost 25% according to a recent study. Although it’s great to have all that customer info which you get from registration, if you want to make sales, make registration optional.

Cookies anyone? – Don’t force your customer to have to re-sign in each time they visit your site. Using cookies is standard practice today, as this allows your site to instantly recognize an old shopper when they visit again.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you would like to know more about e-commerce, or need help developing your own e-commerce website, then please contact us at IT Corp today.


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