What’s the ROI of Your CMS?

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What’s the ROI of Your CMS?

So you managed to convince your company to invest in a brand new, spanking CMS which makes your work easier, improves your productivity and gives you more peace of mind, but – with the end of the quarter on its way – the finance department now wants you to calculate and report on the ROI?

Not to worry, all is not lost.

Think about Improved Efficiency with a CMS

Think about all the ways a CMS helps to improve your team’s efficiency. Specifically think about some of the following:

Efficiency via WYSIWYG – A CMS means your staff no longer needs to fiddle around with HTML.Their content or blog post will appear almost exactly the same as it appears on their editor.Think about how much time and effort was saved by this feature.

Efficiency via Image Management – The CMS will automatically resize and align images for your content. Imagine how much time this saves for your graphics team!

Multiple Website Management – A CMS means you don’t have to update the same content on multiple websites manually. A CMS will automatically take care of these issues for you. A CMS will also allow you to easily schedule posts for later publishing.

Outsourcing via In-House Work – Think about how much website work you had to outsource earlier due to its technical nature which can easily be handled in-house now.

SEO – Most great CMS’ today come with automatic SEO management via tagging features and keyword optimization. Imagine how much time and effort your team is saving because SEO doesn’t have to be done as a separate task any longer.

Now, once you’ve crunched some numbers to determine how many man hours you have actually saved on as a result of an in-house CMS, talk about where that time can be utilized in order to enhance company potential. For example:

• Training’s

• Social media

• Product development/launches

Mention a Few of the Soft Returns on Investment

Finally, don’t forget to mention some of the ‘soft’ returns your company benefits from as a result of installing a powerful CMS. Easier working conditions and less stress should lead to happier team members and happier team members should lead to:

• More productivity

• More motivation

• Improved team work

• Less rework

• Less off days and turn overs

And all of the above spells lots and lots of savings!

Did you find this article helpful? Do you have any other ideas for how to calculate the ROI of a CMS? Please tell us in the comments below!


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