Cloud & Virtualisation

A cloud and virtualisation solution can save you time, money and increase productivity, we will design, implement a solution tailored to your business.

The benefits of the cloud are clear and evident. You get added entire scalability and easy access to additional resources. Virtualisation is the perfect place to start, giving you advanced utilisation of the resources you have today. With the cloud built-in virtualisation capabilities of Windows Server platforms, you'll get A grade class, features and performance. When you add the capabilities of online control panel, you can build cloud elasticity and scalability into the datacentre using automation, resource pooling, and dynamic provisioning. 

Automated tasks lets you increase performance and reduces the error factor. Automation also makes the datacentre more stable, with pre-defined processes to handle unexpected increase in resource usage. By pooling resources for compute, storage, and networking, you can move workloads more easily and load-balance across the whole infrastructure and enhanced management capabilities allowing you to provision and deploy applications faster. 


1. Increase resilience and load-balancing in your cloud environment.

2. Advanced virtualisation technology from all the latest vendors.

3. Improve application performance and simplify deployment.


The private cloud delivers fundamentally new capabilities that represent a fundamental shift in computing history. The investment you make today will have long-term return of investments for your business.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is a computing model that uses resources which are dedicated to your organization. A private cloud shares many of the characteristics of public cloud computing including resource pooling, self-service, elasticity and pay-by-use.

Public Cloud

A cloud is called a "public cloud" when the services are rendered over a network that is open for public use. Public cloud services may be free or offered on a pay-per-usage model


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