Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

We have experience in all facets of Cloud Migration to help our clients. Put your business in the cloud today and focus on your business.

Cloud Migration Process


A very important factor is to establish team/resources in charge of the cloud migration process.


The process of migrating to the cloud for the medium and large enterprise companies can be a huge challenge, and therefore we advise our clients to start the process with allocating a team and or resources that will be responsible for project.


Creating the scope of works and business case:

It is very important to establish and identify the services that will be included into the migration, to support the project a business case should always be created and presented to the business and with that being said, we are here to work with you in identifying the business (TCO) total cost of ownership of infrastructure and long term investment returns with moving services to the cloud.


Cloud Service Provider Selection:

We offer professional advice on moving to and selecting the right cloud service provider, Our process reviews csp’s services, SLA’s, prices, geographies, customer satisfaction records, and more. For private cloud, the effort focuses on reviewing commercial and open source solutions and the appropriate architecture. 


Our transition process and workflow:

Here is how the transition process we use that compliments our successful delivery of moving into the cloud.


2. Analysis

Cloud features analysis:

By using industry best practices and the information gathered in the Identification phase, the list of applications can be analyzed to identify which systems are suitable for cloud migration.


Provider selection:

As there are many cloud providers out there, the analysis will indicate which cloud provider has best-fit for a given workload.


Service model analysis:

We analyse all workloads being migrated to an external cloud provider, as the contractual model will vary. Models include: on-demand pricing, reserved instances, dedicated instances, bid/ask, etc.


Sizing analysis:

As systems are migrated to the cloud, it is necessary to allocate the right amount resources for them. Computer instances, storage devices and network bandwidth must all be appropriately aligned to the system needs based on data obtained in the Indentification process. 

1. Identification Process

Identification of current assets, service and usage:

In a cloud migration, it is necessary to identify the inventory of current assets and the extent to which they are used. Some of these may move to the cloud and others may stay in their current location.


Identification of topologies and dependencies:

Many applications span multiple machines with complex multi-tiered topologies. Even the most simple applications often have dependencies on storage devices, services or network settings. Understanding the circle of dependencies is critical to a successful migration.


Platform and license Identification:

It is very common to find that some applications have dependencies on operating systems or platforms that are not supported by the cloud providers. Some commercial applications have software licenses that are based on CPU’s, cores, memory, etc. that may affect the pricing of the software.


Identifying SLA’s, security and compliance:

Applications will have different levels of importance to the business. Some will require very high uptime, response time, company security policy or may have to adhere to government regulations. Applications that require HA, low-latency IOPS, data encryption or similar, will need to be identified so that equivalent cloud solutions designed to meet the requirements.

3. Migration & Validation

Establish the migration bucket list:

Identify the appropriate list to enable both one-time and repeat installations, configurations, validations and exception analysis.

Migrate infrastructure:

VM, OS, Load balancing requirements, Network security: NAT, firewalls, disk


Migrate applications, platforms and data:

Migrate multi-tiered custom applications, packaged applications, middleware platforms, database, turnkey systems (Exchange, LDAP, Active Directory, …)


Migrate operations services:

Reinstate VPN’s, monitors and alarms, disk backup and restore, etc.


Validate migration:

Ensure that the systems have been migrated without loss of functional and nonfunctional requirements.

AWS - Amazon

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of computing services, also called web services, that make up a cloud computing platform by Amazon

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a global, enterprise-grade cloud platform offering compute, storage, data, networking, and app services.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud platform by Google that offers hosting on the same supporting infrastructure that Google uses internally for end-user products like Google Search and Youtube.

HP Cloud

HP Cloud is the set of cloud solutions available from HP that offers public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, managed private cloud, and other cloud services.

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High Availability

We use fully redundant hardware at every level combined with multiple availability zones and multiple regions to provide a completely redundant cloud solutions. Each zone is completely separate and independent from the other with its own infrastructure, set of switches, servers and SANs. For ultimate protection, we also offer access to resources in a geographically separated region. We have access to deploying and comissiong nodes in Melbourne and Sydney which operate independently of each which gives you coverage and peace of mind.


Virtualisation, blade server technology and complex SAN systems have brought a lot of extra power, flexibility and redundancy to computing systems, but they also bring a whole new world of security issues. New ways for people to attack systems, to intercept data and to launch DOS and spam attacks against others.

At IT Corp we started the whole process of designing our infrastructure with security as the primary focus, Security is one of the biggest issues within the computing world therefore this is something we would not compromise on.

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