Top 5 Things to Write About… When you don’t know What to write About

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Top 5 Things to Write About… When you don’t know What to write About

All bloggers have been through it. You’ve worked hard to build a great audience who always looks forward to your interesting, engaging, thought provoking posts. And then you wake up one day and… you have no idea what to write about! You don’t even know where to begin…

So we’ve put together some life savers for you for just such a time. When all else fails, try one of the following:


You’re an expert. When you don’t know what else to write about, write about something you often get asked about regarding your particular industry. Something people are often confused about. This should get you some good hits!

The Interview

Why not meet up with a fellow industry guru, have a coffee together and ask him (or her) some questions which might be of interest to your audience? Why not make it a video… share some trade secrets or best-practices, crack some jokes, have some good java, and also engage your audience. Nothing like it!

The List

People are suckers for Top <some random number> Lists (that’s why you’re reading this one)

Lists have recently experienced a resurgence and are great, short, potentially entertaining read for your audience. You just need to make sure you pick a good theme and give it an unexpected angle… and go with it.

The Observation

Maybe you saw something that others in your industry missed. Perhaps you were driving down the street and saw a random billboard that suddenly gave you a brilliant idea or terrific insight into something that you feel everyone needs to know about.  Well, why not write about it then?!

The Off-Topic Post

And when all else fails, you can always resort to something completely different. Write about some award you recently won, or an interesting place you visited, or heck… just a picture of how cute your dog is! If you think people will dig it, then post it.

Warning: please do this one sparingly; otherwise your audience will start getting the hint that you really are desperate.

So, were these suggestions helpful? Do you have any other great suggestions for posts? Or do you need someone to write good posts for you? Do let us know!


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